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Our responsibility toward satisfaction of patient and market demands make us striving for develop a range of approved high-quality, innovative and affordable brands with the aim to improve people quality of life.

Healthcare professionals who are interested and aim to learn more about BioHealth products or to share experience through using of our products as a part of his/her protocol in private clinic can fill out form and we will contact you directly.



We continue to build on our strong reputation and transparency as a trustworthy healthcare supplements brands supplier by provide high quality standard products for our partners

Long-term business relations is a key objective for Bio Health, we continue seeking for new partnership opportunities and developing international cooperation having similar vision, we are capable for making successful business relationship by permanently analyzing potential business opportunities

We endorse a totally responsible and supportive business model, working hand-in-hand, where we support our partners with scientific evidences, pricing strategy, tremendous marketing support, promotional materials, tools, scientific training, orientations and close follow up, we continue working closely with our partners to help them achieve their desired market share growth

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Bio Health distinguishes by their outstanding consumers service team with introducing of the unique solutions of pharmaceutical market and consumer demands, by  providing affordable, high quality prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) products. We would be delighted to receive any inquiry you have through filling out form.


We belief that in order to achieve strong potential and to be a successful company, we need to build enthusiastic, skillful, cooperative team, trust others and respect others. Fairness, good communication, and transparency on all levels are the key to our success

We continue looks for dedicate, creative, expertise and enthusiastic team members. Kindly submit your resume to be considered for current and future career opportunities or fill out form with your informations